My studio experience with Bella Shmurda ― Snoweezy

Taiwo Hassan Aderionye, stage name: Snoweezy, an upcoming music star, in a sit down with Rasheed Sobowale highlighted his journey so far in the industry. He elucidated how he has been solely sponsoring and promoting his music.

One of the juicy parts of the conversation was the reminiscence of his studio experience with another fast-rising star, Bella Shmurda.

Introduce yourself in one sentence

I am Snoweezy, an Afro-Versa artiste and I love arts in general.

What kind of music do you perform? And for how long have you been in the industry?

I perform Afro-Versa which consists of mostly African sounds. Afro-Versa means Afro Versatility. I have been into music since I was 9 years old but I started music officially at 17yrs.

  • How has it been so far? Share a memorable experience of a challenging time during your music hustle so far.

To be sincere, it’s been a rough journey so far. One of the most challenging times of my career was when I was recording my debut EP (IMPERFECTION) that I released three months ago.

The process was so draining both financially and mentally but thank God for the afterwards as the EP was well accepted and I am still looking forward to more publicity and acceptance of the EP.

Your Audiomack profile reads Aderinoye Hassan Taiwo, why did you settle for the stage name Snooweezy?

Snoweezy was given to me by Gidibadass who happens to be a brother and a mentor to me.

I learnt your dad is a teacher? Does he approve of your musical career? Gist me, how has it been with him? How did you break the news to him or he just found out himself?

Yes, my dad is a teacher. At first, he didn’t approve of me doing music but he was later convinced by the passion in me and also his colleagues at work helped in convincing him because he was a teacher at the secondary school I attended.

Ever since then, he has been supporting me in his own little way.

  • In your music, “Dream To Reality”, you said something like “Baba Ibeji o ma fe je ki n korin” [translated: My father does not want me to sing], are you referring to your Dad or it was just a lyric? Mind shedding more light on this?

Oh yeah I did, it wasn’t just a lyric, it’s the truth. You know I said earlier that he doesn’t want me to do music at first, not until he got convinced by my zeal and passion for music.

  • Was there a time you felt like giving up? How did you overcome this feeling?

Yes there were many times I felt like giving up. Anytime I am in this kind of feeling I’d just listen to healing music from Brymo and the likes and also read some books to light up myself.

  • You featured Bella Shmurda in your track “Sombodi”. Tell me about the experience. The studio recording and how will you describe him (Bella Shmurda)?

We recorded Sombodi in January 2020. Bella was a cool guy at the studio while we were recording.

I love his vibes and all, but things went south after we recorded the song. He was expected to show up for the video shoot but he didn’t and also he did nothing on his end to promote the audio.

I think that was due to the misunderstanding between him and the agency that connected us. But then, all thanks to God because the acceptance of SOMBODI was massive and awesome.

Any artiste you should be looking out for a collabo between you two soon?

I wish to work with Mayorkun as soon as I can, I hope God makes it possible.

What distinguishes you from other artistes out there?

The way in which I deliver my music. My style of creativity and the way I relate with people distinguish me a lot from other artistes.

Where would we find Snoweezy if he is not making music?

If I’m not making music, I’d either be with my friends or thinking about another business.

  • What is your favourite sport and club?

My favourite sport is lawn tennis. I support Barcelona FC. Up Barca!!!

  • Any experience in your life that changed your philosophy about life?

Hmm, I don’t think I have any. At least so far.

  • Are you currently signed to a label? If yes, how has it been? Any improvement from when you were taking on the street as a lone wolf?

I have not been signed to a label yet but I am currently being managed by a management team (YYB Records) that I co-founded with my twin brother and some other friends. We have been handling my progress together ever since.

Before I forget to ask, who is your favourite artiste while growing up? Is it the same person that inspires you to become a musician?

Growing up, I listened to various artistes who inspired my sounds and styles of music. The likes of 2face, 9ice, Brymo, Saheed Osupa, to mention a few.

  • What are the things you wish you were told before getting into the music industry?

I wish I was told music consumes a lot of money. I mean a lot of money. And fame isn’t all it takes to be a great artiste.

  • Which event performance would you forever remember and which one would you forever be grateful for?

The performance I did on the night of my EP listening party will be one I can’t forget anytime soon and also my performance at Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, SUG week. Those were some of the memorable performances I can never forget anytime soon.

  • If you are being asked to wish for one thing to happen to your career by daybreak tomorrow, what would it be?

My sounds should be one of the African sounds to be reckoned with outside and inside Africa.

  • What is your favourite sign off phrase to fans when performing on stage?

“Once again I go by the name S to the N to the O WEEZY, SNOWEEZY!!!”

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